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A Challenging Work Environment

RRP’s goals and projects allow our people to show what they can do. As a result, we have often done what others consider to be impossible.

The challenging scope of projects gives our engineers the opportunity to take on more responsibility and makes it difficult for them to remain in their comfort zone, which helps accelerate professional development.

Finally, our engineers can be sure they will work closely together with the client’s top management. This is a real opportunity to work side by side with important leaders at our client’s organization and help them solve a wide array of challenges.

We’re growing

New clients, new offices, latest software and stationeries… RRP invests a lot in the integration of its offices and has a track record of continual growth. Joining a successful, growing company not only means you are becoming part of the building of something great, it also means more opportunities for advancement are available to you in the future.

Become part of a close team

When you work, eat and spend the majority of your waking hours in the same location, it becomes your home. The people you collaborate with and work with at RRP become much more than just co-workers. It is an environment of teammates and friends working toward common goals.

Work hard, play hard

If you don’t unwind, let off steam and relax after a long day, you’re going to explode. Not only does that create a horrid mess, but exploding employees generate a lot of paperwork we would rather avoid. RRP stresses that we must Work Hard to conquer the impossible, and encourages the team to Play Hard, regular office treats, organized events and gatherings to do so.

Enormous opportunity for learning development

At RRP, our people are our most valuable asset. Our training sessions are spread out through the different steps of our EPCM career, so that they can gather important instruction throughout their accelerated career.

Another important aspect of professional development is the instant feedback all engineers receive from managers and partners who have extensive working experience and seek to provide meaningful coaching.

Professional Personnel

“Consistence in work, persistence in effort & diligence in action are the pre-requisites of an impeccable work force.”

Results Oriented Company: The key to RRP’s success and ability to keep good clientele is the earnest endeavour of each of our employees who thrive to make it a team effort.

Value Based Company: RRP stresses to develop a strong professional relationship with all clients and at the same time offers a very congenial work environment to our employees.

Focus on Growth: We at RRP make sure that every step we take and every effort we make counts in the making of a more dynamic organization.

Invest in Personnel: RRP employees are a valuable asset for our business and we look forward to hiring and retaining personnel who show commitment towards our organization.

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